Kevin Haugh

Kevin Haugh



Kevin Haugh

Born in November of 1948, Kevin Haugh grew up in Brighton with his father, a police officer, mother and five siblings. He attended St. Gabriel's School until ninth grade---no interest. In May of 1969, he was drafted into the 101st Airborne Division to serve in Vietnam, returning in May of 1970.

Kevin first bought a guitar twenty years ago, but only taught himself to play seven years ago. Charlie McKenzie commented, "Kevin, just too damn bad nobody in your family was a musician. You know how much trouble you would've stayed out of in your life if you picked that up when you were a kid?" Kevin, however, thinks he would be dead by now if he had started playing so early. His mother seconded Charlie's sentiment: "You should'a done that when you were a kid..." "Yea right Ma, you wouldn't have let an electric guitar and amplifier into your house." "You're right---that wouldn't of gone."

Influences include James Brown, Captain Beefheart, Iggy Pop..."from the Sex Pistols to Mozart, all relevant if it's decent."

Kevin has two daughters and five grandchildren.