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Kevin Haugh

West Roxbury Man Finds Inspiration in Music, Roslindale Transcript, 01/04/2013

Saul Conrad

Saul Conrad, Poison Packets, The Boston Globe, 10/26/2012

Saul Conrad, Poison Packets, MusicBoxPete, 11/2/2012

‘Poison Packets,’ Saul Conrad (Mountain of Leopards), The Daily News, 11/20/2012

Saul Conrad, Poison Packets, East Bay Express, 12/12/2012

Saul Conrad Sings with his Dinosaur Chico, HelloGiggles, 12/21/2012

Review: Saul Conrad’s “POISON PACKETS” (EP), This is Book’s Music, 12/22/2012

Saul Conrad’s Poison Packets: On Being Human, Pulse Magazine, 1/13/2013

Saul Conrad..good kid, m.A.A.d whiskey, URB, 1/3/2013

Saul Conrad et al. Hit The Road…New Visuals Surface for “Sycamore” (Video), URB, 2/11/2013

Saul Conrad Writes A Little Differently, Pittsburgh City Paper, 2/13/2013

The Fancy LP:

Saul Conrad
Existing on the far fringes of indie folk, it’s safe to say you’ve never listened to music like Saul Conrad’s before. If you enjoy humming along to a song and like your music predictable, odds are you’ll find Conrad’s unorthodox approach to music making maddening. Of course, Conrad isn’t writing his songs for those listeners; his songs are for the musically adventurous, who don’t mind being strung along for six minutes with no predictable destination (and love every second of it). Perhaps the best entry point for new listeners is the single “Fever,” off his new album The Fancy LP. The song starts conventionally enough and even features a loose verse/chorus structure that is carried throughout the song. That said, there’s no shortage of disjointed vocals, ambient noise, and random piano plunks to give you a taste of what Conrad does best. The Fancy LP is out April 9 on KLF. – The Utne Reader

“Suzie” on Spinner

“Fever” music video premiere with Impose

Mike Greenstein

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