Saul Conrad’s a tyrant and lamb out on 5/20, Tour

Saul Conrad’s new record a tyrant and lamb will be out (on vinyl and digitally) on May 20.

The first shows will be in early May:
May 1st at home in Jamaica Plain (Boston) at JP Art Market/Monumental Cupcakes for 1st Thursday (6 pm).
May 6-9 on the West Coast: Portland–on May 6 an in-store at Millennium Music (6 pm) and on May 7th at the Alberta Rose Theater with Jerry Joseph, Pete Krebs, and others to benefit Rock School Kabul.
Seattle–May 8th at Lo-Fi with Jerry Joseph

Then in late May and June there will be a tour of the Eastern, Southern, Midwestern (and easterly western, to be fair) US, in August a tour of the West and and West Coast, and then Europe. All dates will be posted here

a_tyrant_cover copy